Wwe wrestlers dating in real life

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WWE, in one way or another, is a soap opera. It features rivalries, funny moments, controversial angles, and above all, romantic storylines. Superstar dating their colleagues on screen has always caught the fans' attention, either for the better or worse.

While some of these couples are a thing behind the scenes too, others are nothing more than on-screen couples. However, countless on-screen couples gelled together so well that they convinced the WWE Universe into believing in their relationship. Without further ado, here are 10 WWE Couples that fans thought were dating in real life. Despite AJ and Daniel Bryan's relationship appearing to be one-sided and the fact that the latter was dating his now-wife Brie Bella at the time, fans were totally sold on this couple.

Their break up was executed so well that not only did it break the fans' hearts, but also cemented AJ Lee's status as a credible WWE Superstar. While we have often seen a wrestler's real-life partner or spouse manage them to the ringnot every manager has to be linked with their client on a personal level. When Andrade and Zelina Vega first started appearing together on NXT insome fans were quick to assume that the two would end up dating, if they hadn't been doing so already. Barely a few months later, Vega would tie the knot with Andrade's on-screen rival, Aleister Black, putting all the rumors to rest.

When a professional wrestler is truly dedicated to their craft, they will keep their fans' interest in their storylines alive at all times.

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Back inChyna and Eddie Guerrero were involved in an on-screen romantic relationship, where the latter would be seen giving flowers to his "Mamacita" before a contest. Their contrasting personalities made them immensely likable in the eyes of the WWE Universe and their short kayfabe stint as a couple was thoroughly enjoyed.

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Their couple was entertaining and lasted almost a full year. Despite boasting strong chemistry, the reality is that Ted DiBiase was already married at the time and still is. Randy Orton's first run as a babyface in was forgettable. However, his brief on-screen relationship with Stacy Keibler has somehow stuck in the fans' minds. While it started from basic things such as Orton rescuing Keibler from Triple H and the two appearing in backstage segments together intheir couple quickly became the talk of the town.

When it was time for Orton to fully revert to his heel persona on the road to WrestleMania 21he did so by hitting an RKO to Keibler. This angle confirmed that Orton and Keibler had broken up on TV, but there was no such indication of the same behind the scenes because their entire affair was totally created for the TV. While Christian was a natural heel back in the day, Stratus did an equally amazing job of adapting to her new persona. Even though Christian and Trish Stratus weren't dating in real life, they did their best to look convincing as lovers once the cameras started rolling.

However, just two months into this angle, Christian was sidelined with a critical back injury. Upon his return a few months later, the two split up and went their separate paths. There's no doubt that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are among the most elite wrestling couples in the history of the sport. The Wwe wrestlers dating in real life tied the knot in after dating for a year or two.

The McMahon-Helmsley faction was surely a highlight of the Attitude Era and helped fans see the chemistry between the couple that would one day rule WWE both on and off-screen. The two would even reign as champions at the same time at one point in Lana shocked the world when she returned with Bobby Lashley on the road to C rown Jewel to feud against her real-life husband, Rusev.

While this storyline received mixed responses from fans across the globe, Lashley and Lana did their best to make their relationship look as genuine as possible. Lashley even stated that he received death threats over the angle in question, while Lana also pointed out how the fans were tweeting insulting remarks about the couple on social media. It turns out that this on-screen couple really did a good job of portraying their respective characters.

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Even though Team Little Big couldn't win the tournament, the pairing garnered immense fan support and interest due to their backstage skits and fun in-ring moments throughout the tournament. Despite oozing natural chemistry, the pair isn't linked in real life.

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Bliss is currently dating musician Ryan Cabrera. After following the sport of professional wrestling for more than 14 years, Ali started working as a freelance content writer for numerous wrestling-based websites in Not only does he keep himself aware of what happens in the world of wrestling when the cameras are turned on, but he also digs deep to find out the stuff happening backstage.

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Wwe wrestlers dating in real life

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WWE real life couples: From Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and Sable, to Edge and Beth Phoenix